Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #4

Oh my goodness!  This fix was a HOME RUN!  I requested "comfy" pieces and I also asked my stylist to include a gray sweater that would work for multiple seasons.  Below is the note that she sent me.  Isn't she the sweetest?!

Some quick facts about Stitch Fix:

-The styling fee is $20 per fix.  The $20 is deducted from the price of any item(s) that you purchase in that fix.
-You can specify your price range for the items that you receive.  You can also specify how often you want to receive a fix.
-You will receive 5 items that are hand-picked for you by your stylist, using the style profile that you will fill out upon signing up.  You can decide to purchase them all, just a few items, or to send them all back if you don't want to keep any of them.
-You have 3 business days to choose what you want to keep and send back what you don't like.  They give you a prepaid shipping envelope that you can just pop in your mailbox (so easy!).
-If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire order.
-You can earn $25 in credit for every friend that uses your link to schedule their fix.  Its a win-win!

My Fix:

Sweet Rain Toledo V Neck Blouse

I loved the bright colors and the arrow pattern on this blouse.  It is easy to dress up or down, and I have worn it a lot already.  I love how forgiving it is around my waist, and it is longer in the back, so it can be worn with leggings.
Verdict: Kept

Gentle Fawn Daytona Open Front Cardigan

This sweater.  Oh my. First of all, it is SO soft and comfy.  It has POCKETS! AND a hood! WHATTTT?! I know.  It's amazing.  I want to live in it.  In fact, I think I will ;)  Another thing that I really like about it is that it is thin enough to wear on a cooler summer day, yet warm enough to wear through the fall.
Verdict: Kept

Loveappella Leanne Maxi Skirt

I asked my stylist for a cobalt blue maxi skirt and she sent me a great one.  The fabric is very soft and it is so comfortable that I can wear it around the house.  As a Stay-at-Home-Mom, I really appreciate clothing that is both cute and can be worn to play on the floor with Parker.
Verdict: Kept

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

There are many things that made this shirt a keeper.  First of all, it is long in the back and can be worn with leggings.  Second, it is thick enough that I don't need to wear a cami under it, but the fabric is breathable.  I wore it on the 4th of July and I felt very comfortable in it.  Third, the cut feels so forgiving.  It is not too tight, or too loose.  It is a winner!
Verdict: Kept

Skies are Blue Enna Short

When I first saw these shorts in my fix, I thought that they were adorable, but I wasn't sure how they would look on me.  I knew that I would have to wear them with a shirt that could be tucked in, since they had the big bow on the front, and to be honest, that intimidated my post-baby self.  Then, I tried them on with some other things that I had in my closet, and I decided that they would be worth the risk.  This is yet another reason why I have love Stitch Fix.  They encourage me to step outside my comfort zone.  Also, I can try on all the clothes with things that are already in my closet to make sure I am making a smart purchase.
Verdict: Kept

So.... what do you think?  What is your favorite item from this fix?

Want to give it a try?  To get your fix, click here!

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