Friday, July 8, 2016

Hidden Gems: Favorite Books for Toddlers

If you know me, have taught with me, or especially if you have been taught BY me- you know that I absolutely LOVE to read.  I am hoping to pass that love for reading down to Parker, and so far it seems to be working (yay!).  One of his favorite things to do (and pretty much the only time he sits still) is when he curls up in my lap with a good book.  
You have probably heard of many of the classic favorites for little ones, like Dr. Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham) and Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar).  We love those as well, but the following hidden gems have been some of our unexpected favorites.  I thought I would share because they would be great gift ideas for the toddlers in your life!  
National Geographic Kids First Big Book of the Ocean by Catherine D. Hughes
The real-life pictures in this book are so captivating, and the author keeps the facts short and sweet.  We like to read about one or two animals a night before bed.  This particular series also has books on animals, bugs, space, etc.  It is a great intro to our world for little ones.
When I Feel Angry by Cornelia Maude Spelman
I love this entire series of books because they focus on helping toddlers (and older kids too!) understand their feelings and how to deal with them.   This is a great find!
Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
My husband and I can recite this entire book.  That's how many times we have read it.  But seriously, it is such a great book, and teaches a sweet lesson about helping others in need.  
My First Look and Find: Thomas and Friends
Parker loves this book because it is fun to find the pictures, and I love it because it helps him learn new words, along with colors, shapes, etc.  There are many different versions, including ones with popular Disney characters, and series that appeal to both boys and girls.
Sheep in a Jeep
This silly story is a quick and funny read.  It uses simple rhyming words that a toddler can easily pick up on and "read" with you.  This is another one that we have read again and again.
The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales by Stephen Cartwright and Heather Amery
I earned this book for free when I did my first Usborne Book party last year, and it has quickly become one of our favorites to read before bed.  Like most kids, Parker loves all things "farm" related and we enjoy reading about all the adventures at Apple Tree Farm!  Also, this book has both simple text (at the top of each page) and complex text (at the bottom), so that an early reader and their parent can read it together.  Its a definitely a gem!
The Beginner's Bible: Stories About Jesus
Parker has many story bibles, but this is our current favorite.  It is a board book, so he can bring it in his crib with him at night to read.  He often wakes up in the morning and starts flipping through it and "reading" it himself, which is really cute.  We love it because it brings the stories of events in Jesus's life to a level that a toddler can understand.  The stories are short and perfect for the short attention span of a toddler.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Hope you pick up a good book today, no matter your age:)

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